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First Warning Letter

You've gotten a warning letter from WebRing. It's probably coming as quite a surprise, too. What's it all about? What's going to happen next? This page will explore those basic questions.

The letter reads as follows

NOTE: The software that detects these situations runs every Sunday morning. It needs only to detect one of the five reasons to trigger the email; however the email will include all reasons detected.

Hello --yid--,

According to our records you are the registered ring manager of the ring, --ring--: --title--, under the WebRing User ID --yid--, and that ring needs some management action.  Specifically:

 - The Ring has 1 or more pending submissions and you have not managed the Ring in at least 25 days, or a submission has been pending for more than 14 days.
 - The Ring has at least 3 pending submissions and the oldest is at least 14 days old.
 - The Ring has suspended site(s) that are PASSing and are at least 14 days old.
 - The Ring has a navigation rating of under 60%.
 - The Ring is closed to new applicants and there is no close message (on the screen when someone clicks the CLOSED link.  Some place that info - INCORRECTLY - in the Ring's description field.  There is a specific closed message field you can find on the Join Instruction management page).
	You need to add some sort of close message to give prospective members a remedy:
       If you are merging the Ring give them the Ring to go to - The Hub URL NOT the title as this is too vague;
       If the Ring has BEEN merged and is small and mostly dead ADD a close message telling what ring (by HUB) it was merged into and then delete it.  We'll be able to link the two that way.
       If you are on holiday, say so and say when you'll be back;
       If you are closing for some other reason, say so and give them some place to go.

Can you please take a moment to log in and check the status of any ring you manage?  In addition to pending submissions you may find other interesting features or announcements that may improve your WebRing or management experience.

If you are leaving sites in pending status while you are waiting for the member to add navigation code to their site may we offer this advice:

Many members will not add the code until/unless they hear of approval from the ring manager.  We suggest that you either use the conditional approval mechanism (this makes them active if the code is present, suspended otherwise), or first approve them, and then suspend them indicating why they are begin approved and then suspended.  Either works and also provides the member useful feedback:  You approve of their site but cannot make them active until the code is added.  Most will then add the code quickly.

If there is some *other* reason the site is not being approved then use the "HOLD" feature to place the site on hold:  neither active nor suspended, but no longer pending either.  The hold function allows you to send the member an email detailing why they are on hold.

If the navigation rating of the ring is low we offer this advice:

There is absolutely no reason to keep a site active that does not have valid navigation code.  Without valid navigation code a site CAN ONLY TAKE TRAFFIC AWAY from the ring you manage it can NEVER ADD TRAFFIC.  Suspend the site and leave it suspended for as long as you want if you think the site might be good for the ring, but keep it suspended until it has working navigation code.  Contact and encourage the member to add the code, help them if you can.  If you can't help then, refer them to support and let us help them.

If you have Suspended sites that PASS;

If you want the site in the ring, activate it.  If you do not want it in the ring for some reason, delete it.  If you are waiting for the member to make some change (i.e., moving the navigation code to a better place, changing some content, etc.) then toggle the site off of auto-management - even if you don't allow automatic re-activation.  This at least flags the site as being under special handling.

One last tip:
Check all your sites to see that the navigation code is in a highly visible place.  It should be where the content is.  If the navigation code is on a "webrings" or "links" page then it is not likely to attract much traffic to your ring.  Why?  Why should it?  It's not where people are looking.  People surf a web site for the content, not the links.  They'll look for a link when they are done with the content.  If the navigation code is right there handy then they are more likely to follow it.

Also, if the web site does employ a "webrings" or "links" page be sure that it is easy to navigate between the links page and the content and back again.  Some individuals don't provide a clear path from the content to their webrings page.  This is almost like not having any navigation code:  The web site will take traffic but rarely deliver any.

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Best wishes,

The WebRing Team

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