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WebRing offers personal support to our premium members. For all members we have developed an extensive FAQ, help pages.

For simple answers to many common questions, first visit our FAQ page. All questions and answers found there were submitted by members just like you. If you don't find the answer to your question, return drop us a line.

Most Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the most frequently asked questions, or questions related to the page you just left:

It's an unfortunate situation and a total shock to the manager. One day a user logs in to manage his ring(s) and doesn't see anything to manage. The panic sets in. System problem? Hacking? One thing that is never considered is a user-created problem. The WebRing system is set up to monitor many aspects of activity (or lack of). The system also monitors the validity of email addresses. Being inattentive to your Ring or inaccessible to members can result in your Ring being taken away, either temporarily or permanently.

No one disputes that there are valid reasons to be unavailable for Ring management; however, the topic is not open for debate. The biggest consistent complaint to WebRing Support is a manager who won't approve a pending membership, reactivate a suspended member that is now passing the checker, answer an email, or remove an off-topic or problematic membership. The problem has grown so out of hand that the automated system controls had to be implemented.

The best thing to do is avoid being singled out as an absentee manager. The most important preventative measures you can take include:

  • Verify your email address through the system and ensure your spam filters aren't blocking any WebRing system or member email.
  • Log in at least once every 10 to 14 days and look through your ring(s) even if you haven't been contacted by a member or notified of a pending submission. Ensure all active members should be active and things are running smoothly even if automated management is in use (since it can be wrong.)
  • Process all applications in a timely manner. If you are concerned about not activating sites that FAIL the checker, read up on Conditional Approval. Make a determination on a site's qualifications within ten days, using suspension as the means to hold a FAILing site. If the site is not qualified to join your Ring, deny it. Otherwise, approve it. If you cannot do this in a timely manner, perhaps you manage too many Rings and should consider having someone else manage them for you.
  • Identify and assign responsible ring helpers to step in and assist with management issues in the event you should be away from your computer for an extended period due to unforeseen events such as loss of access, computer malfunction, or lengthy illness. These people can also assist if you take a vacation or must devote more time to a work project, family issues, or simply cannot process applications quickly enough.

More recently, the software has been programmed to locate mismanagement involving navigation ratings due to the growing complaints of rings with non-existent, off-topic, or pornographic sites in ACTIVE membership because managers who choose not to use automated management are also not choosing to manage their rings manually. When Support finds rings with adult content, they are placing these Rings behind the adult firewall.

This notation is included because warning emails are now going to managers who are identified as being potentially neglectful. The idea is to get them actively managing their rings in a number of areas. Six warning emails are sent. They are broken down and explained fully on individual pages.

See the inital warning here.
See the subsequent warnings here.

If no action has been taken by the Sunday following the sixth email, the ring will be removed from your account and managed by WebRing staff.

If you are here because your ring is already out of your control, there isn't much anyone will do. This page is the most detailed information you'll find. Thus WebRing Support will decline any requests to return a ring to a previous manager. No explanation has ever been accepted by Support for a manager's absence. Since managers can log in to view rings, a lack of application notification emails is not valid. Since Helpers are available, no extended absence is permitted. Passive management is history.

If a ring is not in your account now, this does not mean there is no chance for you to manage it again. It depends upon the management status. Compare the managing ID on the hub with what is shown below to determine its status.

adoptable – This means the ring is currently being managed by WebRing staff. The ring may have been given up by the previous ring manager or by the system after a series of email inquiries over a period of several weeks either bounced or were ignored.

Rings managed by this user ID are not currently available for adoption by anyone, unless it is a temporary transfer from one ring manager to another. This may be addressed in future releases of the Service.

deleted – This means the previous manager attempted to delete the ring from the system. WebRing staff has since determined that it was a viable ring for the members and has restored it to active status. It is currently being managed by WebRing staff.

systemrun – Most rings that were managed by inactive managers.meaning the manager had not logged in to their account in an extended period of time.were removed from that manager's account and placed in this one. Rings in this account are currently being managed by WebRing staff.

uandmekids, system1, system2 or premium – It has been determined by WebRing staff that these are viable rings that will best serve the entire WebRing community. All duplicate or redundant memberships and/or off-topic memberships have been removed. These rings are considered Premium rings and are managed by WebRing staff.

foster_ringmanager – this is the managing ID for a Ring that is being checked manually for troubles. In these cases, a member reports a problem, such as bouncing email, failure to respond to an inquiry, or excessive time pending, and it is investigated by a special department of WebRing Support. There are special instructions and explanations on the profile page for user "foster_ringmanager". Find the situation that pertains to you and execute the steps listed.

As a word of caution, go about this carefully. Any negative attitude or attack on the foster_ringmanager will greatly decrease your chances of managing that ring again.

The foster_ringmanager will hold a ring for up to sixty days. If the manager is not located or cooperative by then, the ring is moved into user ID 'systemrun' where it will be managed by WebRing staff until it is either merged with a ring of a similar topic or removed from the system because of complete redundancy.

If any other user's name appears as the manager, it is already too late. You've been replaced after at least 2 months of absence. You can try to contact the new manager, if you have access to the proper link, but the manager is under no obligation to relinquish control of the ring to anyone who asks.

Again, inquiries to Support or the Help Forum about any of the above situations will not result in any change. WebRing Staff is not permitted to become involved in these situations at all. Period. This is one rule with zero exceptions.

When rings are assigned to different user IDs, every effort is made to remove copyrighted graphics or titles. If a ring you once managed contains COPYRIGHTED material (this does not include Ring description or Ring ID), contact Support. Identify the ring by RING ID, not title, and calmly make a request, including proof of copyright. Support will cooperate with all well-supported inquiries as WebRing has no desire to retain the property of others. (No, before you ask, the WebRing itself is not personal property.)

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