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WebRing offers personal support to our premium members. For all members we have developed an extensive FAQ, help pages.

For simple answers to many common questions, first visit our FAQ page. All questions and answers found there were submitted by members just like you. If you don't find the answer to your question, return drop us a line.

Most Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the most frequently asked questions, or questions related to the page you just left:
How to Install and Troubleshoot the SSNB

This page has answers to many "NavBar" questions:

How do I install the SSNB code?

Try this Code Installation Tutorial
The SSNB NavBar works by using JavaScript to make a call to WebRing servers that returns the HTML for your navigation code. The JavaScript call means that the HTML code is delivered to your page each time the page is loaded. Any changes in the layout (new memberships and changes to the look of one NavBar by the manager are just two examples) of the stack will appear immediately.

To install the SSNB you need to copy and paste the JavaScript you see on the Get SSNB Code page, EXACTLY as it appears, somewhere on the page you registered with this WebRing Community. There are two places where you can get the SSNB code: from the URLs tab of your My Accounts page or after joining a specific ring. You only need to add the SSNB to your registered URL once. You don't need to add the code every time you join a new ring.

You simply need to copy (Ctrl-C after highlighting all the code in the text box) the code from our system into the HTML file that is your page (Ctrl-V pastes what you have previously copied). Be sure NOT to alter anything at all or insert any line breaks in the middle of words, URLs, etc. This may break the code and cause garbled text and/or nothing to appear on your site.

You can type the code in by hand if you prefer. Just be careful not to change anything.

Certain text editors and page builder programs, also called WYSIWYG editors, offered by some ISPs (the company that hosts your site) could alter the code as you paste it if you are not careful. Be sure to examine the source code of your page to be certain it appears exactly as it does in the text box. Also, make sure to toggle your WYSIWYG editor to HTML mode, if available. If you paste the code as text, you will see the code not the NavBar.

Click here to learn how to install the code using some of the more common site editors.

A NavBar will appear correctly on your page once you have installed the code. It may not be the NavBar you're expecting (see top of page for more issues) but it should show some NavBar. You should check, however, to see that it is installed properly by testing the SSNB code via your site management screen. Look for the Test link and the results on that screen.
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SSNB PASSes, but the wrong NavBar(s), NO NavBar, or the default NavBar shows
OK, so you installed the code, tested it and it PASSes, and yet you're still not seeing the correct NavBar(s), some are missing, or there are too many. No problem. In many cases, the URL is not yet in any rings, so first check to see if the URL has been submitted to any rings. If that URL is not registered with any rings yet don't bother doing anything until after it is.

If your registered URL has been submitted to a ring but you're still having problems with the NavBar, chances are the system has not yet built (or rebuilt) your NavBar. For NavBars that don't display (correctly), follow this little procedure:

  • If you "just now" applied to the first ring for this URL, wait 5-10 minutes. As a general rule NavBars are built quickly, within a minute or so, but sometimes can take longer. Until the NavBar is built the very first time, odd things can show because the system is trying to show something so that you will know that code is installed properly. Your URL might not show the correct NavBar, but it will show some NavBar.
  • If you've waited 5-10 minutes, or this is an older membership then:
    1. Go to the URLs tab of your My Account page.
    2. Find the URL/U# you're fiddling with and click the Get SSNB Code link found to the right of it. (You don't need new SSNB code, but that page has the tool you do need.)
    3. On the page that shows you your code, find the link at the top with the description "To change the order in which NavBars show on this stack, go here" and click on the "here" link.
    4. The page that opens allows you to reorder the rings in the stack associated with that URL/U#. If you only have one ring membership associated with the URL, then there is no need to reorder. If you have more than one, you can reorder the memberships but don't need to.
    5. Click the "Apply Changes" button after making any changes.
    6. NOW wait 5-10 minutes, then refresh the page containing your NavBar.

    If the NavBar now displays correctly, then you're all done! If not, then it's time to create a support ticket (see link at the bottom of this page), as there may be some issue to resolve. However, this procedure will work nearly 100% of the time.

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SSNB PASSes, but does not "look right."
If your membership is active and the NavBar shows but looks "funny," then chances are it has a transparent background and the background of your page is hiding the text of the NavBar. You can ask the manager of the WebRing Community to give it a background, or you can place your NavBar stack in a table with a suitable background color.

If the link colors are hard to see, it's because the background color selected by the manager of the Community is similar in shade to the link colors you designated in the <body> tag of your page. This is also simple to fix. Just contact the manager of the WebRing Community and ask them to force the text and link colors for their navigation code. Keep in mind that WebRing Community Managers are not required to edit the navigation code to suit any member needs, so please ask nicely. You are more than welcome to remove your membership from that WebRing Community and apply to another that has a more suitable NavBar.
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SSNB PASSes, but stack displays only one NavBar.
This is not a problem, nor will it affect whether your site PASSes the checker. It's a feature which displays either the top NavBar in your stack or the NavBar of the WebRing Community being surfed by the visitor. It's aptly called the "Single NavBar Display" and is designed to limit bandwidth usage and keep the display on member pages to a small/fixed size.

This makes the Community being navigated easy to find, as it's not buried among other NavBars. This is especially helpful to the visitor who wants to keep track of the WebRing Community s/he is visiting. It also benefits the manager by keeping traffic in her/his WebRing Community. When her/his WebRing Community's NavBar is easy to find, people continue their visit. This in turn benefits all the members of the WebRing Community by giving them additional traffic when the visitors continue their journey.

Where the NavBar stack contains more than one NavBar, there is a link at the bottom of the single NavBar to allow visitors to View a complete list of WebRing memberships here.

If you wish to alter the default settings:

  1. Go to the URLs tab of your My Account page.
  2. Find the URL/U# you're concerned about on that page.
  3. Click the edit settings link. On that page, scroll down to find the appropriate fields for configuring how your NavBar stack is displayed.
  4. Scroll down and click the "Change" button to activate the configuration changes.
PLEASE NOTE: If you change the U# (some people like to name them) you should rebuild your stack when you're all done (see "SSNB PASSes, but the wrong NavBar(s), NO NavBar, or the default NavBar shows."); the system will not rebuild that stack right away, as it doesn't know when you're all done making changes. It will rebuild eventually, but not necessarily right away.
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