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WebRing offers personal support to our premium members. For all members we have developed an extensive FAQ, help pages.

For simple answers to many common questions, first visit our FAQ page. All questions and answers found there were submitted by members just like you. If you don't find the answer to your question, return drop us a line.

Most Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the most frequently asked questions, or questions related to the page you just left:

The HTML navigation code works by requiring you to place the exact HTML code to handle Community navigation requests for YOUR site. Please do not copy the coding from a site outside of WebRing. It most likely won't work.

Some sites or site editing software will not permit the use of the JavaScript-based NavBar (SSNB), forcing potential members to find alternate coding. One option is to use pure HTML, the actual HTML coded by the manager for the NavBar.

Before deciding on the HTML, be sure you actually need to use it. It is higher maintenance than the SSNB. Consider the following facts before settling on the HTML

  • HTML makes for larger file sizes, requiring more space to store the file (SSNB uses the same amount of space no matter how many Communities you join)
  • HTML will require regular updates. For instance, each time the manager changes the NavBar, you will also need to alter the coding on your page (SSNB will update within minutes of any changes the manager makes)
  • HTML must be installed for every Community you join and removed for any Community you leave or which drops your site (SSNB will add and remove the NavBars of Communities you join or leave)

Not all managers permit sites using HTML to be active in their Communities (mostly because of the second bulleted point, but also because it is so easily altered from its intended appearance).

To find and install the HTML code for your page

  • Click on My Account at the top right hand side of the page, after logging in, if you are not already there
  • Click the Memberships tab
  • Click on your site's name beside the title of the Community you wish to get the coding for
  • Click Get Navigation Code on the left hand side of the screen
  • Scroll down to the bottom of the page past the box with the coding in it. Click on the word here where it says, "Members who wish to use the HTML version of this NavBar should go here".
  • From there you will find the HTML coding customized for your membership that you can copy and paste on to your page

To install the HTML you need to copy and paste the HTML you see in the text box EXACTLY as it appears somewhere on the page you registered with this Community. Be sure NOT to alter anything at all, and try not to insert any line breaks in the middle of words, URLs, etc. This may break the code and cause garbled text and/or nothing to appear on your site.

You simply want to copy (Ctrl-C after highlighting all the code in the text box) the code from our system into the html file that is your page. (Ctrl-V pastes what you have previously copied). Do this in accordance with the directions provided by the software you use to create the page. Some editing software will have specific requirements for including HTML.

You can type the code in by hand if you prefer. Just be careful not to change anything.

Certain text editors and page builder programs, also called WYSIWYG editors, offered by some ISPs (the company that hosts your site) could alter the code as you paste it if you are not careful. Be sure to examine the source code of your page to be certain it appears exactly as it does in the text box.

Click here to learn how to install on some of the more common site editors

The HTML will always appear on your page whether Community manager has approved your site or not. Therefore, you may not want to (and your Community manager may not want you to) place the code on your page until he/she asks you to. Refer to any join instructions for the Community. Where the Community manager has not given you specific instructions on which coding to use, you should place the coding on your site anyway. You can always remove it later if the manager deems it inappropriate.

The NavBar will appear correctly on your page once you have installed the HTML coding. You should check, however, to see that your navigation code is installed properly by testing the HTML code via your site management screen. Look for the Test link and the results on that screen.

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