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WebRing offers personal support to our premium members. For all members we have developed an extensive FAQ, help pages.

For simple answers to many common questions, first visit our FAQ page. All questions and answers found there were submitted by members just like you. If you don't find the answer to your question, return drop us a line.

Most Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the most frequently asked questions, or questions related to the page you just left:
What Is a "Hub" Page?

A "Hub" page is the the primary page of a WebRing Community (ring). The Hub page lists and links to all the active sites in that ring.

Previewing Sites via the Ring Hub Page
Clicking on a site title should open the page within a "preview" window. The preview window allows you to explore the site without leaving the Hub page. While previewing a site via a Hub page, you can do the following:

  • Go to this site now - Click on this link to leave the ring and to go to the site.
  • Preview previous/next site - Self-explanatory.
  • Share your thoughts - You can use the text field to comment on the site. Comments can be shared with "everyone" who visits the ring, or only "the site owner."
  • Thumbs Up/Down - Click on either icon to rate the site as "Great" or "Poor."
  • Flag? - Click on this icon if the site doesn't contain the NavBar. Please use sparingly.
  • Member ID - Hover over the member's ID to open a mini-menu that will present you with multiple options for communicating with the member/site owner.
  • Suspend this site! - This link is only visible to members of the ring and WebRing Super-helpers. Click the link to suspend the site if it is off-topic for the ring or violates the WebRing Terms of Service. The RM can then review and reprocess the membership.

Other Pages/Tabs in the Ring
The Hub also has tabs/links to other WebRing pages relating to the ring. Some of these tabs might include:

  • Hub Page - This is a summary page that details such information as the number of members in the ring, the ring's description, and an overview of the ring's traffic.
  • Sites - This is the true "Hub" page that lists all the active members.
  • Forum - This tab only displays if the RM has opted to activate the ring's forum.
  • Traffic Stats - This page contains details about the traffic the ring is receiving.
  • Similar WebRings - This tab will take you to the Directory category page that the ring is listed in. On this category page, you can find other rings that focus on the same general topic as the ring.
How to Contact the Ring Manager
You can also use the Hub page to contact the RM. Simply hover over the RM's ID found in the ring's title bar to open the mini-menu and choose how you wish to communicate with the RM.

How to Search the Ring
To perform a keyword search of the sites listed in the ring, first close the Preview window if open by clicking the "Sites" tab. You should then notice that a search box with two options ("This Ring" and "All Rings") opens at the top of the page.

Reporting Errors, Missing NavBars, & Inappropriate Content
Only active rings will have a Hub page. If you follow navigation links from other sites to WebRing and the ring (or site) no longer exists you will be shown a brief error page that will give you a chance to search for a related ring.

WebRing cannot control navigation code on external sites or the content found on these sites. We rely on the efforts of individual users to report missing NavBars and inappropriate content.

We encourage you to first contact the RM about any issues you note. Should you be unable to make contact with the RM, you may use the Flag? link that will appear while "previewing" the site to notify us of any issues.

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