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WebRing offers personal support to our premium members. For all members we have developed an extensive FAQ, help pages.

For simple answers to many common questions, first visit our FAQ page. All questions and answers found there were submitted by members just like you. If you don't find the answer to your question, return drop us a line.

Most Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the most frequently asked questions, or questions related to the page you just left:

Please, you do not need to contact Support to have your account removed! Support does not normally perform this operation. Read on to learn how to do this yourself.

If you have no ring memberships or manage rings under the ID, you can simply log into the account and click the MY ACCOUNT link where you will see the Delete This User ID link in the left column. CLick that and your account will be removed.

If you DO have memberships associated with or manage rings under the ID, you must remove them before being given the option to terminate your account. Delete memberships using the DELETE link in site management. Each membership must be removed separately.

If any ring(s) you manage have other members, please consider transferring management of the ring(s) to another member (selecting "all" is the recommended choice). This will relinquish your responsibility to ring management.

Should you encounter any error messages during this process please read this page for additional assistance.

Once all of the above are removed from the account, you will see the Delete This User ID link in the left column of the MY ACCOUNT page. If you don't see the Delete link after removing your last membership: Click the MY ACCOUNT link again and it should appear. If it doesn't, then contact support and explain the situation. But remember that it will NOT appear if you still belong to any rings, or manage any rings.

If you don't know your user ID, try our "FIND ID" utility.

If you have forgotten the password to the account, read this page for additional assistance before writing to Support.

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